EFGOCM Conference 2010

EFGOCM Conference 2010
Newport News, Virginia
October 14-17, 2010


To order copies of the Cardiasmenos Liturgy book:
Greek Sacred and Secular Music Society
P.O. Box 1779, Woodbridge, CA 95258
Phone: Bill Lappas 310-713-1117
Email billlappas@hotmail.com (note three “l’s)
The price is $17.00 plus S/H

To order a professionally recorded CD of the Cardiasmenos Liturgy:
Assumption Cathedral Bookstore
4610 E. Alameda Avenue, Denver, CO 80246
Phone 303-388-9314

2010 EFGOCM Conference at Saints Constantine and Helen in Newport News, VA

Dr. James N. Maniatis, Guest Conductor, rehearses the choir.

Dr. James Maniatis and Connie Maniatis, Guest Organist

Renowned singing group, Eikona, performed for our Friday evening dinner.  The women of Eikona are the 3 daughters of Dr. James and Connie Maniatis.

Eikona, former voice students of Renee Root, surprise her with flowers after the concert.

The wonderful Youth Choir!

Conference Co-Chairmen, Renee Root and Alexa Garrison