Byzantine Chant

A distinct feature of Greek Orthodox worship is the music of Byzantine chant.  The Church's chanters (ψάλτης) execute this component of our liturgical worship, primarily during the Sunday morning service of Matins (also known as Orthros or Morning Prayers). They also chant the evening services (vespers), Holy Week services, funeral services and memorial prayers for the departed, as well as most baptisms and weddings. The Byzantine chanting is the dialogue between the people and the clergy. In other words, the chanting speaks for the people.

There is a cycle of eight different tones which are chanted in the Orthros Services, the Divine Liturgy and other church services. Our church calendar is set up so that we may daily remember and honor saints and events in the life of the church. Every day of the year has designated people and events to commemorate and a liturgy celebrated on any day has a whole set of hymns relating to those people and events, as well as a Vesper service and an Orthros service.

There are many resources to help learn the art of Byzantine chant provided by The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America:

The Digital Chant Stand offers a listing of the Chants each day and includes a link to the Chant app.

Please feel free to inquire with the chanters about being involved in this sacred ministry.